Miami Water Damage Action Steps

If you have standing water in your home or business, you have a big problem that will only get worse the longer you delay. Even if the water looks clean, it doesn't take long for serious damage to take place. Left untreated, the waterlogged area becomes a magnet for mold, bacteria, and other toxins while also causing significant damage to the structure.

As one of the most destructive forces of nature, water intrusion requires a prompt response. Don't delay. Call The Flood Pros ASAP! While you're waiting for the Miami water damage restoration team to arrive, take the following action steps to protect yourself and your loved ones and potentially minimize the damage:

  • Assess the situation. Priority number one is personal safety. If there are any dangers or causes for alarm, evacuate the area.
  • If possible, turn off circuit breakers for areas affected by water.
  • If possible, turn off the water source. For example, if the washing machine is overflowing, turn off the water going into the washer.
  • Avoid all contact with sewage.
  • Avoid contact with electrical outlets.
  • NEVER use a vacuum cleaner to extract water.
  • Remove unaffected furnishing and objects from the area if possible.
  • Try to contain the water from spreading to other areas.

The Flood Pros offers emergency flood damage restoration services 24/7. Contact us ASAP and rest assured that our trained water damage cleanup, restoration, and repair technicians will arrive promptly. Take action and call now!